Thursday, July 31, 2008

Would Stephen Taylor lie about that alleged communications leak?

Having read through the allegedly leaked communications document posted on Tory blogger Stephen Taylor's site, which mocked a Green Shift 10-percenter for federal Liberal MPs using catch phrases that sound like they've been lifted directly from Tory talking points, one has to wonder if Taylor is credible.

If I were a Liberal mole trying to undermine the current leadership in favour of presumably some other Liberal leadership aspirant, would I use Tory catch phrases evident in Taylor's mock-up, like this?:

"Dion launches new bold shaft whereby the Liberals screw western Canada (no votes there) and use the Shaft Plan to redistribute money to their friends....All money raised from polluters (bad, polluters!) will fund the tax cuts for families, companies and workers. Except for a few bucks that will be redirected to advertising companies in Quebec - very few. Also, some consultants here and there."

Sure reads like a Tory wrote it. Taylor claims on his site the anti-Dion mock-up simply, "landed in my inbox courtesy of LRB." He doesn't provide the email address, of course.

Writes Taylor: "This spoof on the ten-percenter by LRB is disrespectful of Dion and is juvenile. The lit piece leak in its original design format and the forwarding of the derivative piece mocking Dion are evidence that there are members of Dion’s trusted staff that are undermining their leader at this critical time....The derivative version of the Liberal ten-percenter is a bit disturbing as it is insulting to francophones as Dion’s staffers mock his accent."

The only evidence Taylor has provided is that he, a Tory insider, is in possession of this mock-up, his source unclear. And the last time I checked, it was the Tory party that was putting out ads making fun of Dion's accent.

The mainstream media I'm sure will ignore this likely Tory prank. Too bad National Newswatch deems it newsworthy.


Jeff Davidson said...

you ask, " would stephen taylor lie about this leak? "

without a FUCKING doubt. ( in my humble opinion. )

Steve V said...

"Sure reads like a Tory wrote it."

It's almost too cute isn't it?

Deb Prothero said...


You've hit the nail on the head here. As soon as I read Taylor's piece, I thought exactly the same thing. If it was really an email from a Liberal insider, Taylor would have relished the moment and shared the evidence.

So I believe it's a bunch of CRG teens (possibly in yellow shirts) having a bit of fun because they want to take people's eyes off the fact that Canadians are getting all these 10%ers dumped on them. And some are starting to fight back. See my post at describing my latest mail droppings.

Taylor's post appears to be a diversionary tactic.

James Curran said...

The answer is yes.

Lizt. said...

I saw that and I didn't believe.... that the Liberals had anything to do with it, especially all about Dion..geez, that man sure has been through an awful lot since he got to be leader. It would have done someone else in, by now. If the Toies get in again. it will all because of lying,over and over again, about Dion. Their website is loaded with a Libel suit against them, if Dion could act.

Jaytoo said...

The most brow-furrowing part of this for me is that National Newswatch would link to Taylor's thing under the very leading head "Dion mocked by staffers in Liberal strategy leak?" ... not in a blogging review, not in a gossip column, but surrounded by dozens of news articles. Lame and not fair, NN.

The Regional Patriot said...

Nice try, dork.

When the media write stories like this they say "Conservative sources say..." and they don't bother giving you the name and phone number for their source, so why would you expect Stephen Taylor to do things differently?

Is it so inconceivable that a half-wit like Dion could have staff that mock him along the same lines as his competitors? Hardly. Terms like "Green Shaft" have been used across the board to describe Dion's plan to rip off Canadians. It's 100 per cent plausible that his own staff would use the same types of comments that are appearing in every newspaper, except the Globe and Mail, across the country.

Do Republicans not joke about "Dubya"?

Do Conservatives not joke about Harper's personality?

Do NDPers not joke about being "dippers"?

Does a gay liberal blogger not joke about being "queer"?

People always take their criticisms and the phraseology of their detractors and use it for their own internal humor. You're living proof of that, yet, somehow the concept is lost on you.

Taylor's post is absolutely credible.

Yours isn't, though.

Matt Guerin said...

Regional Patriot, you're grasping! And btw, 'queer' isn't a bad word...

James Curran said...

Speaking of fit the bill Patriot.

1. Yes. It's inconceivable that Dion's staff would mock him.

2. Stephen Taylor is no Journalist. He is a Partisan hack. Therefore, there IS bias. He's a blogger and has zero credibility whatsoever. Kinsella would display an email stream on his blog if the email were true. So would I. So would anyone else that blogs that read this post.

3. Drink some more koolaid and bow to your Lord Taylor.

Lore_Weaver said...

You need to provide some evidence for your claim. Mr. Taylor could too, but he could just wait for his evidence to arrive as peoples 10%'ers. If that's what the 10%'ers look like, then Mr. Taylor has indeed received them in advance from a Liberal, thus lending more credibility to his story.

As it is, his story is just as credible as your rebuke.

Also, if he provided the email address, and it was spoofed to be "" or some such, that would do a tonne of good, wouldn't it. I suppose he could release the full headers, but that would hinder future communication from this alleged "Mole".

Kris said...

Stephen Taylor has a long track record of honesty on his blog... perhaps it is you who is not honest?

Dion's staff have already confirmed the leak so your slander speaks to your credibility

The Grumpy Voter said...

Is someone out there saying "dance you $#%%ing Liberals... DANCE!" over this?

James Curran said...

I see Stephen Taylor has all emailed all his blue koolaid drinking buddies to come to his defense today.

The Rat said...

"I see Stephen Taylor has all emailed all his blue koolaid drinking buddies to come to his defense today."

Uh, James, might I suggest you read the update at Taylor's site? Or the link at National Newswatch? I can only assume the retractions will be appearing soon on this blog.

Matt Guerin said...

I've merely pointed out correctly that much of the mock wording seems lifted from Tory talking points. Thus anyone hired to work as a Liberal in a Liberal political office would be unlikely to use such language. The wording doesn't just merely mock the leader, it mocks the entire Liberal brand. Was the original 10-percenter leaked by somebody in a Liberal office? It's possible. Once the document gets out there, you lose control over it. But is it obvious that the mock-up using Tory talking points was drafted by a Liberal mole? Absolutely not. All a Tory or anybody in fact would need is the original Microsoft Publisher file. Did the mock-up get sent to Stephen Taylor directly from an LRB email? If Taylor provided his source, his claim would be credible. He hasn't.

James Curran said...

"Dion's staff have already confirmed the leak so your slander speaks to your credibility"

Where in this statement below does it confirm a leak?

“The Publisher file of the Green Shift ten percenter was distributed twice in the normal manner in which all LRB products are distributed. It was e-mailed to an extensive mailing list including all MP offices, as well as other caucus and party officials using a mailer program. It was also posted in the LRB Intranet site to which all Liberal offices in the Parliament Precinct have access.

“These products are distributed as Publisher files so that Liberal offices can modify them to their own needs. The intention is that MPs can put their own pictures and individual message in the file to personalize it before submitting it to printing.”

Show us the email header Mr. Taylor. We still don't believe you.

Lore_Weaver said...

Why should Mr. Taylor reveal (and thus, lose) his source to satisfy this as evidence.

Mr. Taylor has not outright lied in the past, so it seems more likely to me that someone did, in fact, mail this to him.

Seems much more likely.

If Mr. Taylor made it up, you think he'd use a literary reference he'd understand right away without having to research it first.

Your claim is spurious and nothing but convoluted logic. At least Mr. Taylor has provided some reasons to believe him, and even talked to a Liberal Staffer who conceded that the 10%'er template is real.

The Regional Patriot said...

Dion is weak, boring, out of touch, and lost in la la land. That his staff would realize this and make some humor about it is not far fetched, but within reason.

As the Liberal Party itself has confessed, the leak did occur.

So I suggest you offer up your apologies and move on with your weekend.

Matt Guerin said...

It is far-fetched that Liberal staff would use anti-Liberal/pro-Tory talking points to embarrass their own party, not just the leader, and then send it to a Tory blogger. The Liberal Party hasn't confessed the leak occurred, they've inferred it could've occurred. That isn't groundbreaking. Did a Liberal in the LRB draft this mock-up and send it to Taylor, as he claims? No proof of that. As such, I owe nobody any apologies. Enjoy your weekend too.

Joan Tintor said...

Actually, Guerin and Curran's continued bluster and rationalizing, after the confirmation from Dion's office, is a pretty good explanation as to why this would have been leaked to a Tory blogger and not a Liberal blogger.

jackkerouac said...

You just can't admit you were wrong, can you? Sheesh, just suck it up and act like an adult. You were wrong - you made ridiculous accusations that have little or no basis in reality.

James Curran said...

Actually, Joanie, your failure to read and understand the English language is astounding.

There is no confirmation from Dion's office.