Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I never heard of 'GreenShift Inc.' before 'The Green' made the news

Just a quick note about the ongoing trademark controversy between GreenShift Inc. and Stéphane Dion's Liberal Green Shift policy announcement. This Ottawa Citizen article today nicely updates the situation.

In it, Liberal party spokesman Joseph Mayer is quoted saying Liberal lawyers had not received formal notice of legal action, but the threat of it, reported in the media, was unfortunate.

"Based on our legal counsel, there's no reason to change it," Mr. Mayer added. "We've clearly stated on our website that we're not affiliated, and we're not a company that's trying to steal business from them or anything. It's not even a situation where our version of the green shift is somehow in conflict with what they're doing. I think there's a commonality of interests."

The general consensus seems to be there is little to no chance of successful legal action against the Liberals in this case. Yet still, the private company's founder, Jennifer Wright, continues to bad mouth the Liberals in the press. Ms. Wright said the company has been flooded with e-mails over the last week, some "calling us a 'sellout,' thinking we're endorsing this stupid party."

This stupid party? Perhaps Wright is just angry and expressed a bit of over-the-top frustration in public. A statement on the company's website makes it clear the company sees only negative fall-out for it from this issue, which of course is not true.

How many of us heard of Wright's GreenShift company before last week? How many of us have heard of it now?

The best blog post about this issue I've read thus far was from Garth Turner. Here's a snippet:

"So, to recap: The Liberal Green Shift domain name,, was available and was registered. The for-profit Green Shift company was notified in advance. It got a ton of hits. It has received non-stop national publicity. Millions of people who never knew it existed, do now. This traffic, headlines, notoriety and attention cost the company nothing. To achieve this level of brand recognition would have taken a marketing budget bigger than, I suspect, gross sales. And now it wants to sue? Maybe an enterprising journalist should ask the owner, Jennifer Wright, how she votes. I’m betting it ain’t Liberal..."

Enough said...

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Jessica said...

I am just upset Matt that we are fighting an environmental company. It really defeats our great plan and ruins the communication effort.

Us liberals need to fight the idea that it is a tax on things like the CONS say rather than fighting a little company.