Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Gracious and Beautiful Exit by Clinton

After a grueling campaign in which Hillary Clinton showed she was willing to say and do anything to win, it was very refreshing to see this gracious and beautiful speech at her campaign's finale.

Many, myself included, were prepared to accept Hillary's nomination before we got to see what Barack Obama had to offer. He was completely inspiring and continues to be. His momentous surge in popularity and message of change threatened to completely derail Clinton's campaign after the Iowa caucus vote on Jan 3rd. I remember drinking with friends at a pub between the Iowa and New Hampshire votes, toasting the then-uninspiring Clinton's likely electoral demise. Of course, we had underestimated Hillary as she bounced back in New Hampshire and held on for the next five months. I had no idea how Clinton would counteract the emerging Obama phenomenon, and ultimately the desire for change did her in.

But not before Clinton transformed into the candidate she needed to be. I'm sure most on her team will acknowledge if she had started as strongly as she ended her campaign, she'd be the nominee today (and would likely be asking Obama to be her running mate.) One has to admire her tenacity, her strength and her determination.

There's no doubt that Senator Clinton's rep has gone up overall as a result of this race, which is incredible considering how much of a known quantity she was at the beginning of the primaries.

Clinton's a class act. As a Canadian Liberal, I of course had no say in this race. However, all citizens of the world have an interest in who leads the most powerful country in the world and the world needs a Democrat in the White House this year (as we also know, we needed one in 2000 but instead got the cancerous plague of George W Bush.)

I chose to endorse Obama back in February, after much back and forth. I'm happy that Democrats have chosen to turn the page and embrace new, inspiring leadership. It seems they have read the pulse of America quite well in that regard as Obama's candidacy now provides a clear, inspiring and deeply symbolic alternative to John McCain's flawed candidacy. Obama is the perfect antidote to the last 7 years.

Like most progressives, we'll be watching this race closely and cheering for Obama over McCain the entire way!


Johnathon said...

How can you support Barack Obama when he is against homosexual marriage?

That is the issue you hold most dear and you support Obama?

Maybe explain how that's possible.

Matt Guerin said...

None of the presidential candidates favoured equal marriage. On gay rights, Obama has been a leader, not a follower. Plus I liked all of his other considerable charms, skills and abilities. Pretty simple.