Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tape scandal snares Tory MP

Here's the link to the CP story.

It's awfully strange and funny these Saskatchewan Tory types were dumb enough to videotape this kind of thing, and presumably forget about it only for the tape to be found by their opponents once they vacated their opposition offices last year.

Current Tory MP Tom Lukiwski (pictured in 1991 video) apparently says on the tape: ‘Let me put it to you this way — there’s As and Bs. The As are guys like me. The Bs are homosexual faggots with dirt in their fingernails that transmit diseases.”’

In 2004, Lukiwski replaced ex-Canadian Alliance MP Larry Spencer, a raving homophobe. Can't the people of Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre please elect somebody who doesn't hate or used to hate LGBT people?


Lukiwski (pictured today) just scrummed in Ottawa on this and has apologized for his homophobic remarks.

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**********UPDATE # 2*********

Here's the link to Lukiwski's 1991 comments on Youtube.

I've got to say that, sadly, Lukiwski wasn't alone in his hateful opinions of gay men back in the late 1980s/early 1990s. It's just interesting he felt completely comfortable saying something this inflammatory in 1991 to a camera while in the company of his Tory friends and colleagues. Right-wing types are always the last to get educated. I'm glad he's been raked over the coals today for this. His apology seemed sincere. With some luck, this incident will cause more men like Lukiwski to reflect on some of the vile bigotries they used to hold (or perhaps in the back of their minds still do.)

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Emily said...

It's pretty clear that Mr. Lukiwski's views have not changed at all. Looking at Hansard for June 28th 2005; just prior to the vote on same-sex marriage, he made the following statement:
"I firmly believe that by passing this legislation, we start on a very slippery slope which could affect societal change in a very adverse way. I see things which have been expressed before that could come down the pike, things like polygamy and others, while hiding behind the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I am fearful that societal change could happen.

I also am a firm believer in the fundamental definition of marriage as we have known it all our lives. Marriage is and should continue to be between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others. I was brought up in that environment and I will continue to believe that until the day I die."

"Until the day I die", sounds like a really long time; and hardly the words of a man now devoted to spending the rest of life making up for his 1991 'lapse of judgement.' Also when suggesting that same-sex marriage would provide a basis for legalizing polygamy (and other things, which he leaves vague) you're right, he sounds eerily similar to the homophobe; Larry Spencer, whom he replaced.

However, I have grown accustomed to this kind of thing from the new Conservative Party, which emerged from the extreme Right-Wing Canadian Alliance and Reform Parties, so was not really fazed by the whole thing. What did draw my attention was the fact that Mr. Lukiwski was a former member of the infamous Saskatchewan Conservatives (now called the Saskatchewan Party), during the time that they were embroiled in the one of the worst scandals in Canadian history. This was the party of Grant Devine, the premier whose government was so corrupt that criminal charges had to be laid, and several of his ministers, including one of the men on the tape, were sent to prison.

Sadly, we have to remember that supporters of the old reform/Alliance that bred this narrow minded group, don't vote for these guys in spite of their ideology, but because of it. However, even neo-conservatives don't like to have their tax dollars stolen, so I'm focusing on corruption within the ranks, and the Cons are full of it. That's the only thing that will bring this party down.

Take care. (BTW. I'm a heterosexual grandmother, currently raising my grandson, and feel that everyone has a place in my Canada, but the Conservative/Reform/Alliance Party just has no business running it.)