Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Senator Ruth rocks, Obama steps up damage control, MDA likely stays Canadian

Just three short notes today:

Kudos to openly lesbian Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth for speaking out against the recent handling of the Tom Lukiwski homophobic affair. I wonder what gay cabinet minister John Baird will say during that caucus discussion.

I seem to have underestimated the damage likely caused to Obama's campaign by his recent "guns and religion" speech. We'll have to see if his damage control can stave off a major loss next week in Pennsylvania.

And finally, I'll give credit where credit is due. This was a good decision by the Harperites.


As a reader kindly pointed out, Senator Nancy Ruth ran twice for the Ontario PCs in the early 1990s (when she was known as Nancy Jackman). I remember those races well, particularly the 1993 St. George-St. David by-election in which she lost to Liberal Tim Murphy. Please forgive me for not connecting the dots quicker between Nancy Jackman and Nancy Ruth...lol


DPW said...

It's hard to imagine a politically astute Toronto gay man not knowing Nancy Ruth is a lesbian after all the attention that got when she ran as Progressive Conservative candidate for the House of Commons in what is now Toronto Centre (Rosedale) and her proactive support of the LGBT community since. But that election was 15 years ago and you, Matt, were yet to be poltiicised. It shows why we need to keep pushing our history (or herstory).

Matt Guerin said...

Thanks, dpw, for the history lesson. As I pointed out in my update, I remember those elections quite well when Nancy Ruth was publicly known and running as Nancy Jackman. I was a wee 21 year old still in Guelph at that time, but followed her by-election run in 1993 closely (following her initial unsuccessful fun in St. Andrew-St. Patrick in 1990.) I even remember her margin of defeat to Tim Murphy (who won 51% versus 38% for Nancy Jackman in 1993.) Not being a part of the Toronto Tory establishment, the fact Nancy is and now goes as Nancy Ruth was lost on me. Please forgive me for not keeping up on the name changes.