Friday, April 11, 2008

Heritage minister 'hates' Bill C-10, says Conservative senator

Wow! Check out the Youtube video available at the bottom of this story.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Heritage Minister Josée Verner "hates" Bill C-10, a Conservative senator was caught on tape saying in committee Apr 10.

Senator David Angus' comments were recorded by C-PAC at the Senate's banking committee, which is studying a controversial clause within Bill C-10 that would revoke tax credits for films that are "contrary to public policy."

Angus called for a two-minute break between hearings around noon Apr 10, but for a short time after he adjourned the meeting, Angus' microphone was left on. His conversation with an unidentified man was broadcast over the Senate's live internet audio feed.

"The government has to bite the bullet," he was heard saying. "The minister agrees, she told me she hates the law."

Representatives from Verner and Angus' offices were quick to downplay the claims.

"He's wrong," says a spokesperson for Verner, reached at the minister's office. The minister herself had no comment when contacted by

A representative for Angus defended the senator.

"The context is that I don't think that anyone realized it was going to cause such a controversy," he says. "Probably the minister is just tired of dealing with the bill."

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Cicely said...

Matt: you should hear the Senator being interviewed by CBC Radio's James cudsmore. Friggin' hilarious. Cudsmore queries him on the tape (I would assume at the time of interview he didn't know his comments were caught). He claims never to have talked to the Minister so he says he doesn't know why he would have commented on her attitude toward legislation, says he doesn't ever use the word moratorium and when asked about the word fuckers, he doesn't think he would have said that, Angus asked Cudmore whether he did and than asked Cudmore what he thought about the use of the word. I kid you not, it is certainly a 'candid' interview. very funny