Monday, April 14, 2008

Barack Obama fights back

It seems some more comments by Barack Obama have gotten him in a little hot water. Like the Reverend Wright controversy, I still think this is much ado about nothing. There's a ring of truth to what Obama said in San Francisco about the frustrations of some rural, blue-collar Americans. But still Obama himself acknowledges he misspoke with his comments about "guns and religion." I don't buy the Clinton/McCain/establishment conservative spin on this as much as John Ibbitson seems to.

Of course, his opponents have jumped all over this alleged Obama misstep. Still, I've got to say I admire Obama's ability to get back on the horse and fight back. When Obama wins the nomination (and I, like many, still predict that), these minor errors and the subsequent quick recoveries (as witnessed in this Youtube video) will only strengthen his campaign. Mistakes like these make him seem more human and, let's face it, certainly don't offend his base. I'm still very hopeful Obama has it in him to successfully reach out beyond that base and win over the majority of Americans who want real change this year (not the fake change offered by Hillary Clinton and John McCain.)

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