Thursday, March 13, 2008

The problem with Stephen Harper: Megalomaniac with a malignant narcissism

I came across this great article by writer Rebecca Finch which beautifully dissects the flawed personality of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. At the risk of possibly being sued for libel (lol), I'm providing the link and some excerpts. Everyone who struggles to figure out the Harp and what makes him really tick, read this article.


"It has been talked about a lot the past couple of years. Canadians, supportive or not, cannot seem to pinpoint what it is about Stephen Harper that makes them distrust him, that seems cold, unapproachable… wrong. And then, mixed up with this confusion, is the question about whether or not his intentions as Prime Minister of Canada are good...

"Over the years here at the Metaball, I have made no secret of my dislike for Stephen Harper. Originally it was based on the same basic intuition all Canadians feel when staring at those glassy, watery eyes; eyes that only show a glint of real emotion when they're blazing in delight over the taunting or jeering or destruction of someone else, or accidentally revealing an astoundingly low self-esteem and less surprisingly high sense of paranoia...

"The truth of the story behind the making of our great leader, our genius in office, our strategic master, is nothing but the story of a megalomaniac with a malignant narcissism, unable to get over his childhood to the point it becomes part of the greater pack of lies his administration is building itself upon, a grudge-bearing nerd who in his attempt to cover up any reminder of his own nerdish leanings goes a little too far in trying to categorize his opponents as such..."

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Lizt. said...

That is a really good arctle..down to a "T".
The problem is, a great many people do not know this.