Thursday, March 27, 2008

National Newswatch: Stephane Dion looks like Dr. Charles Smith?

Looks like that other national news aggregator, National Newswatch, doesn't much like Stephane Dion either, at least subliminally. Check out how the site has arranged photo links to news stories this hour: three unflattering Dion links surround the one link to the 'Disgraced pathologist says errors not all his fault' story about Dr. Charles Smith, who bears a startling resemblance to the embattled Liberal leader - grey hair, glasses et al.

Why should the Tories keep paying Whore Bourque for unflattering Dion headlines when they can get them for free from these neo-cons at National Newswatch?

I remember when Dion had a feisty reputation for being direct, clear, even cute and very effective. Boy, that narrative has changed drastically, hasn't it?

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The subliminal editorializing seems to be over for

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Anonymous said...

You heard this from the Sun and the National Newswatch.

Buzz Hargrove to challenge Jack Layton in Toronto-Danforth as a Liberal.