Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If not over climate change, then when, Stephane?

This is really starting to hurt. I'm starting to see why folks like Darren have grown frustrated and left the party altogether.

If the Harper government deserved to be defeated now over anything, it would be over its pathetic approach to fighting climate change. This was supposed to be Dion's big issue. Showing up to cast a token vote against the government doesn't cut it, Stephane, sorry.

I still support Stephane as leader, despite his many flaws. I had hoped he'd grow into the role of leader, but I've seen, like most, almost no evidence he's even aware of his shortcomings. I have no idea what he's thinking he's accomplishing with this constant refusal to face voters over the key issues he says he thinks are important. He's only destroying what little credibility he has left. The howls of laughter from people he should be winning over are beginning to give me headaches.

Part of me still suspects the folks Dion has chosen to advise him deep down don't have his interests at heart. After all this time, why is the party so not ready to face voters? Something must be done asap to fix this.

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Scott in Montreal said...

Darren's not the only one. I've gone to the real Green Party myself. St├ęphane was a great minister and a credit to the LPC, but his failure to walk the walk when it counts is allowing the SSHITs to run rampant on everything we hold dear.