Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good for Art Hanger; Michael Coren, will you marry us?

Yes you read that split headline correctly. The world must be going topsy-turvy, I must say.

But I believe we must offer praise where praise is due. On most issues, Art Hanger is the last Conservative MP I'd single out for appreciation, especially considering his past stances on equal marriage. But good for him for having the guts to stick his neck out and criticize the possible sale of Canada's top space company and a multi-million-dollar taxpayer-funded satellite to a U.S. firm.

Alliant Techsystems, which builds land mines as well as other top weapons of war, is waiting to hear from Industry Minister Jim Prentice on whether its proposed $1.325-billion purchase of Canada's MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (or MDA) can proceed.

As the National Post article describes: " considered the backbone of Canada's space industry and over the years the federal government has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into the company to build it up as Canada's premier space technology firm. Under the deal, Alliant would also become owner of the recently launched Radarsat-2 satellite, the world's most advanced radar imaging spacecraft. Canadian taxpayers spent more than $420-million on the spacecraft. Radarsat-2 is also considered Canada's most advanced system to keep watch over the country's Arctic territories, including those areas contested by the United States."

The Post article makes clear how many ex-Harper/Tory cronies have been hired by the U.S. monster company to work as lobbyists to convince their former buddies to let this sale happen, including Emanuel "Manny" Montenegrino, who has in the recent past represented prominent Conservatives in legal matters, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

I'm sure Alliant is very happy that Stephen Harper has yet to enact all of those new anti-lobbying rules that were supposed to be implemented with the Federal Accountability Act. And here Canadians thought Harper was going to clean up Ottawa, not make it worse!

All I can say is: hurray for Art!


In other news, Michael Coren again argues that equality under the law makes polygamy inevitable in Canada. Don't you ever get tired of re-hashing the same arguments, Michael?

In response, on behalf of my same sex partner, I'd like to ask Michael, when this inevitably comes to pass, will you marry us? You'd look so cute between us in bed, I must say. And you'd get to enjoy the supple pleasures of two much younger men...Talk about heaven on

Hmmm, on second thought, I think I prefer just one life partner, not two. You can't give 100% of yourself to two people, obviously.

But seriously, human societies have every right to define marriage as they see fit. Marriage is, above all, a human institution, despite what the fundies say. Personally, I don't think we need to change marriage in Canada to include more than two persons, but if society deems it necessary, then I'll support it. If polygamists think their freedom of religion is being undermined by our country's anti-polygamy laws, then they should take the issue to the courts and see what comes of it.

"Chicken Little Coren" believes the courts will inevitably side with the polygamists. I don't.

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WesternGrit said...

Hanger needs only look at some of his party's key supporters to see what is causing the selling out of Canada. The Canadian Council of Chief Executives (I hope I got the org name right), is almost single-handedly responsible for disseminating the propaganda and advertising that fights for more deregulation, but far worse, the sale of Canadian companies to foreign buyers... And, why wouldn't they. A Canadian executive who helps sell his company to a rich foreign buyer usually ends up with a plush appointment, board membership, and millions in stock.

Big Oil also has a lot to do with this organization, and that's why you see the Alberta Conservative connection here...