Sunday, March 30, 2008

Al Gore for President! Stephane Dion for PM!

This story about Al Gore emerging as the compromise candidate, er make that saviour of the Democratic Party excites me greatly. It's hard to see the two current frontrunners giving up and handing the nomination over so easily. But stranger things have happened.

And finally, someone with some historical analysis and no apparent axe to grind gives Stephane Dion a break from the unfair onslaught of negativity he's been facing lately. Perhaps somebody should send a copy of this great Jack McLeod piece to Chantal Hebert?


janfromthebruce said...

You seem like a nice person and all, but I find you delusional. Gord is not going to run, and Dion is a flake.
Thanks to Dion and the libs, we are in Afghanistan for 3 more years wasting money on military industrial complex, Kyoto is trashed, and all the libs can think about is saving their skin. I'm truly disgusted.

Matt Guerin said...

Jan, based on your ridiculous comments, the only delusional person here is you. Dion is a flake? Yeah and Layton is an oil man! And Harper is a people-person. lol

Jay said...

Jan is as rabid as any neo-con. Their perty is in free fall all over Canada and all he can muster is an attack on the liberal leader. Jan look at your own leader before criticizing others. Champagne socialist comes to mind.

The dippers really need to show Canadians how giving them a couple more seats is going to prevent a Harper Majority in the next election. They still haven't explained that one. Never will either because its as ridiculous as Layton.

Lizt. said...

Koyoto may be dead , but we would be a lot closer to koyoto if Dion had had time to do more with it. but, no, the NDP were in such a rush to get rid of the Liberals, that Harper got in and look what he did with it., thanks to the NDP, not the Liberals.

Dr. Tux said...


That nasty little wound in your heart hasn't healed yet I see. That's unfortunate.

I was hoping to see you become a more caring and compassionate person, but you're still just a vicious, venom spitting partisan.

May you one day find love.