Thursday, February 28, 2008

When did Rick Mercer get word the Liberals would allow the budget to pass?

I will admit this spoof is pretty funny. CBC icon Rick Mercer has been vicious in his attacks on Stephane Dion over the past year since the MP from Montreal beat out Mercer's skinny-dipping buddy Bob Rae.

Anyone who knows anything about TV production understands this kind of thing couldn't have been pulled together in a couple hours in time for broadcast on budget night. Dion and the Liberal caucus publicly announced their decision not to defeat the Stephen Harper government over the budget around 4:45 pm on Tuesday. This went to air at 8 pm that same night.

It has to be said: if Mercer didn't know the Liberal position ahead of time, he took a big risk approving the production of this spoof. How much did this spoof cost to produce? Probably tens of thousands of taxpayers' dollars. Is it possible that somebody tipped off Mercer of the Liberal position a few days in advance so he could pull this spoof together in time for Tuesday night?

According to the Youtube description, MocaMusic was asked at least two or three days ahead of Tuesday to "compose, arrange and record a choir to the lyrics they wrote and have it ready to be shot in 48hrs."

Stephane Dion is really starting to look a lot like Julius Caesar, I must say.


Geekwad said...

Heck, *I* knew how the Liberals were going to handle the budget weeks ago. It wouldn't have been such a big risk. Folks have been saying Dion's caucus is leaking for a while now, I'd be more surprised if Mercer didn't know something.

After the last Liberal conclave, Garth Turner was seen blogging that they expected to let the government stand for the first couple readings but intended to ultimately bring down the government over the budget. So far that script hasn't been invalidated, but damn me, I'm a hopeless optimist.

UWHabs said...

It's also possible that they shot 2 copies of it, one with the Liberals backing down, and one with the Liberals standing up. I mean, thinking about it, it makes sense. It would be a parody in that the Liberals are throwing a big celebration that we're finally standing up for what we believe in, and yada yada yada. Then once the word comes down at 4, they can just decide which tape to press play on.

leftdog said...

You do raise an interesting question concerning timing ... Mercer, even though a comedian, is extremely astute politically. If he needed another profession, he could certainly write as a political pundit.

I am going to be frank. I am no Liberal (my old paternal Irish grandmother was) - I am New Democrat. For those of us who are NOT Libs, we find the party leadership to be fairly predictable lately. Perhaps Mercer was just being astute.

Mark Greenan said...

Matt, you didn't see this abstention coming?

Seemed almost a certainty to me ...

Matt Guerin said...

Mark, are you sure that's not the New Democrat in you talking? lol

It seemed likely the Liberals would allow the budget to pass if it didn't contain a poison pill. But they wouldn't have known that for sure until the budget day lock-up. Who knows what secrets are circulating and to whom in the corridors of Ottawa?

It's possible Mercer was just being very astute, for sure, and gambled they could put this spoof to good use and drive another stake into Dion's troubled leadership within the same 24-hour news cycle.