Friday, February 22, 2008

Final Moments of the Democratic Debate in Austin, Texas last night: Class acts

The final question of last night's Democratic debate in Austin, Texas was 'Describe the moment in your life when you were tested the most?'

Barack Obama's answer was notably excellent and presidential, of course. But Hillary Clinton truly hit it out of the park with her great answer, particularly when she reached out to her opponent to say she was "honored" to simply be sitting next to him for this historic race.

For a moment, she seemed to quietly admit that perhaps this "contest" is likely over with Obama's momentum continuing to grow and if she's going to lose, she'll go out on a high note. Clinton is one class act.

If Clinton does lose, I will feel badly for her and I'll lament the loss of seeing America elect its first female president. Of course, if Clinton doesn't triumph this year, there are always other great women who can try to take her place (or even maybe Clinton herself can come back next time, depending on what happens to Obama in November.)

Still, we all know how difficult it is to mount a successful American presidential campaign. It's often seemed to me that if any woman was going to be able to possibly break through and actually win the presidency, it would have to be Hillary Clinton (who, let's face it, has been working toward this all her life.) I've said to many, 'If not Hillary, then who'?

How often in a democracy do voters have to choose between two superb, highly qualified candidates who both tug at the heartstrings? Normally, we simply have to pick the 'Best of the Worst' on the ballot. Not this primary season in the Democratic Party.

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