Friday, January 11, 2008

Hall Findlay showed class, Orchard showed...well you know....

I just wanted to point out this excellent post today by Video Vox about David Orchard, contrasting his actions and those of his supporters against Martha Hall Findlay under similar circumstances.

Here's an excerpt:

"Martha Hall Findlay is one of my favourite politicians. She is a great example of someone who really cares about the Liberal Party of Canada, is loyal but can still offer constructive criticism without damaging the party in the press and is involved in politics for all the right reasons. When Paul Martin asked Martha to take one for the team by all accounts she did so with grace and dignity. Martha earned the respect and admiration of her fellow Liberals when she ran for the leadership and continues to contribute her best efforts to the party...You can judge David Orchard by his own actions of late. The less said the better."

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to nitpick.

Martha responded by running a leadership campaign on a red winnebago. Got her notice, talked to many Liberal cadres. Went to Dion at a crucial time and was rewarded with a leader's appointment as candidate to the relative safe seat of Willowdale.

There are other Liberals of Iranian, Armenian descent who did not favour this appointment. But MHF paid her dues and many felt this reward was deserving. Not counting the time and money she spent on the leadership (about a million dollars Canadian????)

BTW, I may show up at the campaign office opening of MHF. Hope to see you there, if you are free.