Monday, December 3, 2007

Stephen Harper stands out as small man of humanity

I couldn't resist pointing out this great article in today's Toronto Star by writer Michael Byers about Prime Minister Stephen Harper's nasty efforts on the global climate change file. A must-read for today.

Here's an excerpt:

"Whatever his motives, Harper's stance is downright nasty. For rather than simply sitting on the sidelines, he's actively seeking to block urgent [environmental] action on the part of other countries.

"It's time to put the long-term interests of humanity ahead of domestic politics.

"British Prime Minister Gordon Brown understands this. So does California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. So too does Australia's new prime minister, Kevin Rudd, who has promised to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

"Want to see a small man, van Loan? He's sitting right beside you – playing games while the planet burns."

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Anonymous said...

It just makes me crazy that everyone in the media insists on saying it's Canada making these deplorable statements. It's NOT Canada; at best it's about 1/3 of Canada.