Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Like leader, like candidate"?

Hmmm....interesting words from Quebec Tory Senator/Cabinet Minister Michael Fortier that will likely come back to haunt his party.

Fortier attacked Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau yesterday for disparaging the recognition of a Québécois nation. Fortier, the federal minister for Montreal, maintained Trudeau, the Liberal candidate for the next election in Montreal's Papineau riding, was speaking for Liberal Party leader Stéphane Dion when he criticized the nation motion adopted a year ago by the House of Commons as divisive and problematically vague. As we know, Mr. Dion supported the motion in question because it recognized, in his words, a sociological reality in Canada. Mr. Trudeau has every right to speak his mind on this issue.

But Fortier suggested the La Presse headline, "Like father, like son," should rather have read, "Like leader, like candidate."

So every statement from every party candidate can be considered reflective of the leader's own position? I guess this means we can take any and all statements by all Tory candidates from here on in as reflective of Stephen Harper too. Oh that'll be fun, I must say.


burlivespipe said...

Coming from a guy who's completely disconnected from democracy, ol' Fortier is a riot. Let him continue to cuddle with the Mulrooney formula and the soft-nationalists, because in the end there'll be hell to pay. It was the so-called fiscal imbalance last year, in 2008 it'll be something different. But we know Harper has no limits to how low he'll stoop to buy Quebec votes. I wonder how they feel in Roadkill, AB about this?

s.b. said...

No its Justin Trudeau and his inane coments that inevitably get press that are coming back to haunt our Party. The sooner that man is defeated and goes away the better for the Liberal Party. He sounds much more like his mother when he opens his mouth than his father. Fortier is far more accomplished and far more intelligent and politically savy than pretty boy.