Thursday, December 27, 2007

Conservative blogger gladly ignores climate change reality in favour of idiotic ideology

Want proof that many in the Conservative grassroots are gladly walking us toward further environmental degradation and destruction, check this out. These types of folks are running our country, I'm sad to remind. Hopefully by this time next year, we'll be rid of Stephen Harper and his climate change deniers.

Here's a sample of how this guy thinks:

"Many global warming activists will even admit that the whole movement is designed as a wealth re-distribution program from wealthy nations to developing countries. Logic be damned, "captialsim (sic) is evil" is their rallying cry. Of course, government must be the answer because onyl (sic) government can solve our problems!"

Spelling mistakes were his, not mine. I've found a large number of homophobic bigots also have difficulties in the spelling department. And this guy expects us to respect his position on climate change?

Here's a quick lesson in climate change, Strongconservative:

- The temperature on the planet is directly linked to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The higher the level of carbon dioxide, the higher the overall temperature on the planet.
- Due to human consumption, the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have risen FAR ABOVE where they have EVER been in the history of the world.
- In the next 50 years, human consumption levels will push that amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to astronomical heights after which it will be too late to take effective action without seriously undermining our economies and greatly harming future generations to come.
- Taking real action to curb emissions now will help avert drastic and disastrous consequences in the future, when truly draconian actions will HAVE TO BE IMPLEMENTED. How will future generations, forced to live with quotas on electricity use, bans on motor vehicle use and major industrial shutdowns, look back and judge us now in 2007?

Yet conservative idiots continue to push their misspelled lies. I guess we couldn't expect much from a guy with this logo on his site: "Give war a chance. Peace through strength and victory...."


Lizt. said...

That denier type would make one ill. I think he is stabbing in the dark, when he states Mars and Neptune are warming. On Mars they have probes-- but Neptune.....?

Johnathon said...

Why won't Al Gore debate any scientist who doesn't believe in the Global Warming hoax?

Why won't the Liberal media cover the fact that over 400 scientists (many who used to work for the IPCC) DISAGREE with the "sky is falling" horseshit?

Queer Liberal, the sad part is you have no idea about this issue.

What you do know is that this has become a left vs right, conservative vs the left issue.

So of course your going to carry the leftist message.

Liberals are not the smartest bunch in the world.

All we have to do is look at your hero Stephane Dion to realize this is indeed the case.

Global Warming is the biggest hoax in the world.

A leftist loon ,socialist hoax, by the way.

Jay said...

Neptune? Thats a gas planet. Their cannot even be comparisons to that. They generate their own heat.

As for mars warming, that tends to happen when you come out of an ice age, like we have in the past. In no way is this even related to whats happening here on earth. We have completely independent systems with different gas compositions and Mars takes nearly twice as long to revolve around the sun and is further away.

Matt Guerin said...

I say we ship Johnathon and other neo-con idiots like him to the Moon or Mars or Neptune and they can pollute all they want there. Then they can complain all they want about socialist hoaxes. Let's see here - we have international agreement among scientists and the United Nations telling us a crisis is upon us, and then we have morons like Johnathon and George Bush and John Baird telling us to "don't worry, be happy." Hmmm...

The Strong Conservative said...

If you're against me, I must be doing something right!