Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dion did the right thing today

I'm happy to be contrarian and express a different opinion than most on today's proceedings on Parliament Hill. I also think many folks, particularly in the Quebec wing of the federal Liberal Party (the people who foolishly believed and continue to believe Michael Ignatieff is the new Messiah) have spent too much time hanging their own leader out to dry for weeks. It's time to take back the knives and wipe them off.

The media spin circling around Dion since the September by-elections has been ferocious. Minor issues have been spun into major crises in the media. All because of one by-election defeat, the resignation of a Quebec party official warrants major news coverage. Meanwhile, the decision by a local riding association in Nova Scotia not to put up a Tory candidate in defiance of the Prime Minister's orders barely gets a mention in the press.

We don't need a federal election right now. We don't want a federal election right now. Plus if one were to happen this fall, we'd likely get the same Parliament we have right now: Conservative minority (with plus or minus 5 or so seats), Liberals with about 100 or so seats, a slightly weakened BQ and the NDP with 25 to 30 seats. Maybe we'd have one Green MP in Elizabeth May. But all in all, an election now would confirm the status quo.

Enough already. Can we please let Stephane Dion get on with the job of rebuilding this shattered party and stop the useless sniping from the galleries? Let the guy do his job. Dalton McGuinty had three years to rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party before blowing one election in 1999, and he was able to stay on to win twice. Surely Mr. Dion deserves better than he's getting right now all around. I'd rather wait until we know Dion and the rest of the party is ready to defeat Harper and his goons than waste millions on a pointless election which produces the same Parliament we have now.

There's a reason Harper didn't put a poison pill in his Throne Speech: because he knows he hasn't yet earned a majority government and the people aren't ready to give him one.


Jim said...

I think the main reason that there was no "poison pill" in the throne speech is the fact that Harper doesn't need to insert one. He is driving right down the middle of the road and the longer he is in power, the more Canadians will see this to be true. He is pushing responsible government while the Liberals are backbiting and vying for power in internal struggles.

Harper does not need to push the Liberal party over the edge, they are driving full speed for the abyss quite fine without his help.

The Liberal party needs to learn a little humility and start rebuilding from the inside out if they are ever to be taken seriously by the Canadian voter ever again.

Abdul-Rahim said...

Kudos! I'm right with you