Wednesday, September 5, 2007

John Tory digs himself in deeper

John Tory's ill-conceived private religious schools promise continues to dominate pre-campaign coverage. This admission today will only make things worse for the rookie leader. It illustrates clearly the can of worms Tory has opened, and it's likely going to get worse.

Many new leaders in their maiden campaigns make mistakes on the campaign trail. For the lucky ones, they still find success and power. But John Tory doesn't look lucky to me.

Poll results show the Liberals moving ahead of Tory's Tories, enough to possibly win a majority government. If this keeps up for John Tory, we can safely predict a comfortable Liberal majority on October 10th. My fingers are crossed.


More damage control Thursday from Tory on this subject: Creationism in science class would disqualify schools for funding: Conservatives. A can of worms, indeed.

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