Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dion in Newfoundland: Two Tales

It's funny to see how the media spins the same event in different ways.

Check out how the Toronto Star and treated yesterday's story of Liberal leader Stephane Dion meeting with Newfoundland & Labrador Premier Danny Williams.

CanWest spins Dion's meeting with Williams with the negative headline, "Newfoundland premier leaves Liberal leader out on a limb."

On the other hand, the Toronto Star takes a pro-Liberal spin with its headline, "Dion casting Harper as untrustworthy."

In it, reporter Susan Delacourt mentions that: "The Dion-Williams meeting was low-key and away from the cameras, at Williams's request, and also because it could have been awkward for Dion to be seen forming common cause with a Conservative while a provincial election is looming and he has Liberal allies in the province to consider."

Funny how that spin got lost in the CanWest article.


lance said...

In it, reporter Juliet O'Neill mentions that: "Williams, (...) declared his meeting with Dion private, forcing the Liberals to cancel a scheduled photo opportunity with the two leaders. (...) Dion had billed the event as a way of showcasing what both men say is Harper's untrustworthiness (...)
Dion was left on his own to accuse Harper of a "breach of trust" at a news conference, even as a local radio talk show discussed his meeting with Williams in the context of the ancient proverb: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Funny how the TorStar article missed the obvious.


James Bender said...

Go figure...Can-West is a pawn of Harpers.