Monday, July 30, 2007

Moderate Muslims come out swinging against John Tory's policy of segregation in public education

I was very glad to come across this news release from the Muslim Canadian Congress on John Tory's vote-losing private religious schools promise.

As I posted earlier, this is a big-time wedge issue that will give many Ontario voters good reason to stick with Dalton McGuinty this October (in addition to the various other reasons to stick with the Liberals.) It speaks to Tory failures of the past with regard to public education, as well as to one of McGuinty's greatest selling points: his steadfast support for public education in Ontario.

Here's an excerpt from the MCC release:

MCC supports equal opportunity in education for all Canadian children. The same high quality of education must be available to all. Every child has the right to a fully trained and qualified teacher, a professionally developed curriculum, a complete range of facilities and activities, an education, which emphasizes the challenges we can foresee, and the need for training in mathematics, sciences, modern technology, and languages. An education with an uncompromising commitment to excellence, the will to develop new methods and strategies, always to improve, never to be complacent or satisfied. MCC believes that segregated schools cannot and do not meet these standards.

MCC insists that immigrant parents do not have the right to deny their children full access to the opportunities that are available to all Canadians. Every child has the right to learn with and from children of other backgrounds, to be taught the rights and duties of a Canadian citizen, to master Canada ’s official languages. Every child has the right to learn Canada’s culture, which includes history, the rights and freedoms which are embedded in the Canadian constitution, our vast and unique geography, our music, sports, literature, how Canadians do business, and how we interact with each other formally and socially.


mezba said...

In my opinion, the MCC has zero credibility amongst muslims in Canada. Most of us don't consider then moderate muslims, we consider them an extremely loony bunch of left wing people.

Jay said...

John Tory knows hes got a problem with this issue. I have emailed him with several questions and concerns about his inclusiveness and I get fake bounced emails (once I had already received a read receipt for).

Matt said...

Mezba, you're entitled to your opinion. But the position put forth by the MCC on this issue is not loony left wing. It's actually quite moderate and Canadian mainstream. I welcome Muslims who value pluralism and the division between church and state. Go outside conservative Muslim circles, you'll find out how much people don't like this Tory policy of mixing religion and public education.