Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Congratulations to Bill Graham for years of service

Toronto Centre Liberal MP Bill Graham has announced he's resigning his House of Commons seat as of July 2, 2007.

It goes without saying that Graham has been an excellent MP, cabinet minister and interim Liberal leader. He's added so much to Canadian public life and he will be very missed.

Graham is also my Member of Parliament, which means we'll be having a by-election in the near future with Bob Rae as the federal Liberal candidate. (I was happy to cast a ballot for Mr. Rae in the nomination race in March.) This will make for a very exciting and interesting race for sure.

All major parties have their candidates nominated, including openly gay Muslim NDP candidate El-Farouk Khaki. There have already been some grumblings in Xtra, the local gay and lesbian magazine, against Rae's candidacy (based solely on his record as NDP Premier). It will be interesting to see how things develop on the by-election campaign trail, but in the end I'm confident that Mr. Rae will win the seat quite handily.

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