Wednesday, May 16, 2007

John Ivison writes more fiction for the National Post

I couldn't resist commenting today on John Ivison's outrageous piece of fiction, 'Liberal camp set 'to blow very shortly'.

In it, Ivison writes about the recent Guelph Liberal nomination race.

I'm a native of Guelph and I knew the two main candidates, Frank Valeriote and Marva Wisdom, quite well.

In my humble and fair opinion, the best candidate, Valeriote, won the nomination fair and square. Valeriote has lived in Guelph his whole life. His roots run as deep as one's roots possibly can. He was a Catholic school trustee for years. And a well known community activist. Guelph has a substantial Italian-Canadian community and Mr. Valeriote will be the first MP of Italian descent to be elected (and I'm certain he will hold onto the seat in the next federal election.)

Ms. Wisdom was a nice person. I knew her well when she worked for the sitting MP Brenda Chamberlain (who in turn supported Valeriote). She too had decent qualifications, but her roots in the Guelph area were pretty shallow when compared to Mr. Valeriote. Her record of accomplishment was mostly within the Liberal Party apparatus, not so much in the local Guelph community. She had no name recognition in the city at large, while everybody was practically related to Mr. Valeriote.

Hence the reason that Frank Valeriote won.

This notion that somehow Gerard Kennedy played a role in manipulating the local results, allowing Valeriote to beat out Wisdom, is pure fiction and lunacy.

But what else can we expect from Tory spinmeister John Ivison?

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es said...

A pathetic attempt to smear an honourable politician like Kennedy.