Monday, April 30, 2007

Two really bad weeks for Stephen Harper

Wow, so this is how it feels to see the other guy become the media's punching bag.

Stephen Harper has been bloodied in the last two weeks and it looks likely to last for this week as well.

First the strange story about Harper's taxpayer-salaried mystic stylist.

Then the disturbing allegations about Afghan detainees being tortured by Afghan authorities after being handed over by Canadian forces.

And of course the government's inept response to the crisis. Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor's performance has been truly bizarre with his announcement last week that a deal on monitoring Afghan detainees had been inked with the Afghan authorities, when in reality so such deal had been negotiated.

The fact this crisis coincided with the release of the unsurprisingly ineffective Tory green plan is salt in the wounds. For those who truly care about slowing down or stopping our gradual degradation of our living environment, the plan announced last week by Environment Minister John "I'm a Liar" Baird has merely confirmed this Harper government has no plans to seriously combat the crisis. It would be like if the Liberals decided in the 1990s that the deficit could merely be cut in half to $20 billion rather than go all the way to a balanced budget. Would fiscal conservatives been pleased by that? No way. And the environmental half-measures announced by Baird won't please any serious environmentalist today.

Unlike the premature and unfair attacks on Stephane Dion earlier this year, this media gang-up is quite justified. If the Tories continue on this disaster-prone path over the next two weeks, you can likely look forward to new poll results showing Dion's Grits back on top. There will be no spring election, that's for sure.

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