Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our Own Private Cheney: Stockwell Day

As a committed Liberal, whenever I get down in the dumps about party fortunes and worry about when we might knock these Harpercrites out of power, I need only take another look at either Stockwell Day or Jason Kenney. They always perk me up.

Both dinosaurs regularly remind the majority of Canadians how much we still despise the Alliance/Reform element in this Harper government.

Day just yesterday outdid himself with this outrageous speech reminding us how irrational he really is. This is the guy in charge of Canada's national security, lest we forget.

Why should the torture of Taliban SUSPECTS be tolerated by Canadians? Day offers this deluxe quote: ""These people have no compunction about machine-gunning, mowing down little children. They have no compunction about decapitating or hanging elderly women."

This speech illustrates the problem with Day's worldview. As an extreme Christian fundamentalist, Day so clearly enjoys demonizing his Islamic counterparts. They are the flip side of Day's own extremism, but what does that matter to him? He's good, they're evil, it's that simple in Stock's mind.

Day is also musing about the possibility of privatizing our own border security to Dick Cheney's war-loving Halliburton Inc. What will this guy think of next?

My self-serving/Liberal advice to Day: Please, keep talking out loud like this as much as possible! We'll be back in power in no time...

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