Saturday, April 14, 2007

Contemptuous Media Gang-up on Dion

It's official - Stephane Dion is the new punching bag of the histrionic, reactionary media, the types of so-called journalists who respond to the temptations of group think. Take a look at some of the pathetic displays of journalism on display in today's national newspapers in response to his brilliant move yesterday in Central Nova.

Jane Taber, ever the follower of group think, paints a pretty dismal picture for an article that is supposed to be unbiased. It seems there isn't a Liberal in the country who sees the brilliance in Dion's move yesterday in Central Nova. Of course, we know this isn't true, but that doesn't stop Taber from ignoring one side of the story to print this drivel.

The Toronto Star, normally a progressive and fair voice, is fair and progressive no more it seems. The Liberal Party has a long history of making such deals going back as far as Mackenzie King in order to consolidate the anti-Tory vote, but this fact is ignored by the Star's editorial. Perhaps the Star needs to hire some researchers who can keep such falsehoods out of their opinion pieces. Dion's refreshing message that he is willing to put cheap, pointless partisanship aside and work together with like-minded leaders to help combat the climate crisis (and knock off a senior member of our climate-change denying Harper government in the process) is seemingly lost on the Toronto Star editorial board.

However, if you take a look at the Star's editorial cartoon today, which uses the same theme from a cartoon earlier this week in the Star, it explains just how offensive the Star's position has become.
The cartoons exaggerate Dion's slim physique to make him appear the same size as a child. The fact that Elizabeth May, who strikes me as an attractive woman clearly in good shape, is depicted in this cartoon as a stereotypically overweight and badly-dressed lesbian makes you wonder if the Harper Tories have truly taken over the Star's news room.

The Star seems to have swallowed Tory spin hook, line and sinker. Dion is a slim man and therefore this somehow means he's weak, I guess the Star believes. Is Dion weak? No way, as history and his record shows clearly. But that doesn't stop the Star from equating Dion's physique with weakness. Hasn't the Star ever read the bible story of David and Goliath?

Perhaps the editorial board at the Star has been unduly influenced by the biases of Star columnist Chantal Hebert, who seems to have had a hate-on for Dion since the days of the Clarity Act. (You know, the act that said a slim victory on a vague question can't break up the country.) Now it appears that Hebert doesn't have to use her paid columns to spread her vitriol against Dion; the Star's editorial board can now do it for her.

Whatever the reason for these strange and unfair portrayals, they are simply offensive. They represent the worst instincts of journalistic group think.

Nothing can be done on this front, of course. I simply look forward to Dion proving all of these idiots wrong.

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