Monday, April 30, 2007

Congrats to Justin Trudeau

One brief note of congrats to Justin Trudeau on winning the Liberal nomination in the Montreal riding of Papineau yesterday.

Thus far, Justin has been quite astute at countering the notion that he's merely a shadow of his father. I like Justin immensely. It's nice to see a member of my generation (he's 35, I'm 34) ascend to political office. Sure it's true his success to date has been largely due to his pedigree. But Justin has shown a remarkable ability to handle the media. He clearly loves the spotlight (an absolute necessity for any politician) and is well-spoken and highly attractive. I used to hope Justin might be gay (his slight lisp seemed to indicate potential to queer ears), but a close friend of his, Gerald Butts, with whom I worked at Queen's Park, assured me that Justin was very, very straight.

Papineau wasn't a sure bet for him for the nomination, but he worked very hard and came out with a decisive first ballot victory. With the Bloc's recent collapse in opinion polls, coinciding with the collapse of the PQ in the recent provincial election, Papineau is about as close as you can get to a sure-thing for a Liberal pick-up in Quebec in the next federal election. Justin can start making plans now for his maiden speech in the House of Commons. Vivian Barbot, the Haitian-born BQ incumbent for Papineau, will put up a fight, but I'm sure will be quite unsuccessful against Justin.

This was Justin's first real political test and he passed with flying colours. I expect great things from this guy in the years ahead.

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