Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bits and Bites

I love the new Stephane Dion/Liberal Party ads focussing on Dion's stellar leadership abilities as demonstrated at the December 2005 United Nations Climate Change conference. The ads highlight all of Dion's strengths in a positive way, and refute the many fictional Tory attacks of recent months. The ads can be seen on the Liberal Party website by clicking on 'Liberal TV'.

The message from the Tory and Liberal ads in English Canada is now clear to me: the Dion Liberals are positive and forward-looking and the Tories are just big liars, willing to say anything to hang onto power.

On another note, federal Tory minister for Climate Change Denial, John "Big Liar" Baird, is spreading more lies about climate change. Why is our Minister of the Environment doing his best to do NOTHING to take action to clean up the environment?

I don't think this PR tact will work at all for them. This issue will continue to be the Achilles heel for the Harper government. The vast majority of the public is starting to realize that major action and leadership is needed to combat the climate change crisis, not this bullshit from Harper and Baird. Those in business probably put more credence in the expertise of Nicholas Stern, the former chief economist of the World Bank who said the costs of combating global warming are manageable and would be much less than the costs of taking no action.

It's become increasingly clear that the Harper Tories are only interested in playing to their narrow little base of support with this kind of rhetoric. Perhaps that is good news because in truth the Tory base is only truly 25 to 30 per cent of the electorate. The rest is swing vote that went Tory to get rid of Paul Martin. The longer this keeps up, the earlier this swing vote will go back to its natural home: the Liberal Party of Canada.

And a final note: Andrew Coyne's great column condemning his own newspaper's recent idiotic attack editorial on the proposed Mixed Member Proportional system being advocated by Ontario's Citizens Assembly on Electoral Reform. Wonderful reading. It's great to have a major columnist on the side of democratic reform. More on this issue later.

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